Yardsaver Cedar Shed

The Yardsaver Cedar Shed is built to help you store away rakes, shovels and other stuff that litters your yard. The beauty of this structure is that it is shaped to consume minimal space in your garden. It also has that pretty wood finish that will complement the looks of your home. Most outdoor storage needs will be met by this storage shed and bulky items such as bikes and lawn mowers will fit inside it with room to spare.

Cedar Shed Yardsaver Storage Shed


The height of this structure makes it a great place to put away those garden tools with long handles. It has enough depth for you to store a couple of bikes and a few other items as well.

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  • Offers plenty of room to accommodate long-handled appliances and bulky items.
  • Is a real space saver in the yard.
  • Built using rough, beveled cedar making it sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Looks good on the yard with its honey-colored natural wood finish.
  • Shed is fairly easy to piece together.


  • Assembly may take a while and it will require DIY tools to speed up the process.

So How Good is The Yardsaver Cedar Shed?


This 8 by 3-foot structure avails plenty of storage space both vertically and horizontally to suit most needs. You can store your lawn mower, bikes, gardening equipment and plenty more without hassle. Yet you won’t have to worry about the shed eating up too much space as it is very compact.

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Easy to Assemble

The Cedar Shed 8 x 3 ft. Yardsaver Storage Shed is quite easy to assemble although it will require some of your standard DIY tools to put together. It may also take a long while to complete the process depending on how handy you are and whether you have help.

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Durability and Warranty

Built from solid cedar wood, the Yardsaver Cedar Shed is a sturdy unit that will weather adverse conditions well. Expect it to keep your tools and supplies sheltered for many years.

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The shed is secured by a sliding door which has a lock at the handle. This should be enough to keep out wandering kids and pests. For protection against theft you may want to install additional hardware.

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You won’t have to worry much about repairs to this shed over time due to its hardy structure. The beveled cedar siding is designed to last long and keep the weather out.

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Value for Money

This product is undoubtedly on the pricey side but as you compare it against similar wood sheds, you should remember the pros it offers, mainly it’s roominess and unobtrusiveness in the yard.

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Final Verdict

Cedar Shed Yardsaver Storage Shed

This Yardsaver Cedar Shed is a high quality structure that offers a host of positives, including longevity and compact storage. However, many potential buyers will find the asking price quite prohibitive.

So, is this Yardsaver Cedar Shed is the best wood shed? – find out by yourself:

Size 5.0
Easy to Assemble 4.0
Durability and Warranty 4.0
Security 3.5
Maintainability 4.0
Value For Money 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Yardsaver Cedar Shed?

The best place to buy the Yardsaver Cedar Shed, as well as many other wood sheds is one of these trusted online stores:

Cedar Shed Yardsaver Storage Shed

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