12x12x8 ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed

This ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed promises to keep your ATV, car, trailer, lawn mower or snowmobile safe from rainwater and snow thanks to the quality of its build and the features it comes with. Among those features is a triple-layer polyethylene tarp that is waterproof. The heavy-duty canopy also comes with fade blockers and UV treatment to keep the shed from losing its beautiful jungle-green color. It is held upright by a sturdy steel frame fitted with ShelterLock stabilizers.

ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed


There are many uses this storage tent can serve thanks to its size. You can use it as a garage, to store farm implements and supplies, etc.

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  • Is a big shed and offers plenty of space to suit space-intensive storage needs.
  • Keeps out the weather effectively thanks to the quality build of its canopy.
  • Is straightforward to set up and can be taken down quickly.
  • White interior makes it easy to see and move around in the shed.
  • Is built to last with anti-aging and UV-protection qualities besides a powder-coated steel frame.


  • Is one of the more expensive storage tents in the market.
  • Depending on usage you might need to get a cover for the ground below it.

So How Good is The 12x12x8 ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed?


There is a lot you can store in the 12 by 12 feet of floor space this shed provides. Everything from patio furniture to generators, tractor lawn mowers, ATVs, motorbikes and even cars can be stored in this shed. Its effectiveness in keeping moisture out makes it useful for many purposes.

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Easy to Assemble

Depending on how handy you are this shed will take anywhere between 45 min and 3 hours to put up. But overall the shed is easy to assemble. The ratchet tite tensioning system makes things go quickly and smoothly.

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Durability and Warranty

There are a number of features in this shed that go into making sure it lasts long. First there is the heavy-duty steel structure which has been powder-coated to keep rust and corrosion at bay. There are fade blockers and anti-aging components to keep it in good condition for longer.

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Apart from the two zips that are used to seal the opening flap, the ShelterLogic Shed and Storage Series Shed-In-A-Box has little in the way of security. The space between the uncovered ground and the cover may let in pests.

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You will not need to spend anything on keeping the ShelterLogic Shed and Storage Series Shed-In-A-Box in good shape. It comes with everything you need to anchor it firmly. That it doesn’t let in water means it will not succumb to rust easily.

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Value for Money

Given the many storage problems that can be solved by this one structure, and its ability to withstand even harsh weather, it is great value for just a little over $300.

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Final Verdict

ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed

This unit is a great buy for anyone looking to store bulky items over a short period of time, despite the fact that it’s slightly more expensive than other storage tents.

So, is this 12x12x8 ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed is the best storage tent? – find out by yourself:

Size 5.0
Easy to Assemble 5.0
Durability and Warranty 4.5
Security 3.0
Maintainability 4.5
Value For Money 4.5

Final Score

Where to Buy The 12x12x8 ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed?

The best place to buy the 12x12x8 ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed, as well as many other storage tents is one of these trusted online stores:

ShelterLogic Outdoor Shed

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