Suncast Shed – BMS6550

This storage shed is a sturdy place to keep away everything from swimming pool equipment to garden furniture to bikes and other recreational items. Measuring 72 x 65 x 88 inches, the BMS6550 Suncast shed offers plenty of space to cater to most storage needs. It is a sturdy structure that keeps out water effectively and holds heavy effortlessly thanks to a reinforced floor. To top it all off this shed is easy on the eye.

Suncast Shed BMS6550D


Plenty of space means the shed can be used to store many different items. The strong flooring also makes it possible for generators, lawn tractors and other heavy items to be stored without worry. Suncast sells accessories for this model of shed including hanging brackets.

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  • Offers plenty of storage space for diverse items.
  • Firm structure with extra roof support and reinforced floor.
  • Good looking with earthy colors.
  • Quite easy to assemble and instructions are easy to follow.


  • Owners might want to fit in additional locking mechanism for security.

So How Good is The BMS6550 Suncast Shed?


This 6 by 5 foot structure provides its owners with plenty of storage space to cater for a variety of objects. A reinforced floor ensures that it can support bulky items such as lawn tractors without showing any wear.

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Easy to Assemble

Most owners of this shed testify that it is simple to put together and it can be done single-handedly. The instructions provided with the shed are easy to follow but many are able to assemble the shed without reading them.

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Durability and Warranty

The Suncast BMS6550 6 ft x 5 ft 5 in Blow Molded Storage Shed is built to weather adverse weather and last for years. Heavy items such as lawn tractors will not shorten the life of the shed as it has a reinforced floor. The roof is supported by a metal truss to ensure it lasts.

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This structure is fronted by strong double doors equipped with a lock at the handles. Many owners feel the need to add to this security system by purchasing their own locks. Given the shed is pricey as it is, this may put off potential buyers.

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The shed is built from resin and is very low maintenance. With how well it resists the weather the Suncast BMS6550 will not be easily ruined by water. The reinforced floor resists chipping and peeling extremely well.

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Value for Money

The Suncast BMS6550 provides plenty of storage space and is a very durable structure which costs virtually nothing to maintain. With these and many great attributes, the shed seemingly justifies its price tag. But cheaper alternatives that may not quite have the quality of this shed are available.

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Final Verdict

Suncast Shed BMS6550D

This Suncast shed offers owners real value. It boasts Suncast build quality and will serve owners for years to come but you might want to shop around and compare prices.

So, is this BMS6550 Suncast Shed is the best outdoor storage shed? – find out by yourself:

Size 4.5
Easy to Assemble 4.5
Durability and Warranty 4.5
Security 3.5
Maintainability 4.5
Value For Money 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The BMS6550 Suncast Shed?

The best place to buy the BMS6550 Suncast Shed, as well as many other outdoor storage sheds is one of these trusted online stores:

Suncast Shed BMS6550D

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