Storage Garden Shed Wales

Built completely out of solid wood, this outdoor storage garden shed is as functional as it is environmentally friendly. It adds to the beauty of your yard with its natural tones while keeping items that would litter it safe and dry. With a decent storage capacity, the ‘Wales’ shed can be used to store most yard tools as well as bulkier items such as bicycles and lawn mowers. The doors are large and open wide enough for you to load and unload items with ease. Glazed windows and doors add to the beauty of the structure.

Storage Garden Shed Wales


This structure can be used to store many different kinds of items from ordinary garden tools to swimming pool equipment and garden toys. It is also big and sturdy enough to hold bulkier items such as lawn mowers and ATVs. Apart from being a place to store wares outdoors, it can be a place to relax. It is well illuminated and has a lovely verandah.

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  • Dimensions offer decent interior space for storage of most yard tools and other equipment.
  • The natural wood look of the shed compliments any yard.
  • Large doors swing wide to allow easy loading and removal of objects.
  • Well lit with glass door and windows enabling the room to serve multiple purposes.
  • Is an environmentally friendly structure.


  • Setting the shed up can be a challenge.
  • Glass doors may be prone to damage and hamper security.

So How Good is The Storage Garden Shed Wales?


With 9 by 9 feet of interior storage space owners of this unique shed will have abundant room for their garden tools, sports equipment, golf carts and more. Wall height of 6 feet 7 inches ensures you have enough headroom.

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Easy to Assemble

This is a shed that requires some level of technical expertise to assemble. It has many bits and parts that will need specialized tools to be pieced together. It is a process that will demand time and manpower.

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Durability and Warranty

Made from pure, solid wood, the ‘Wales’ garden shed will last. The walls are 1 1/8mm thick to give added resistance against the elements.

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The double glazed glass doors do not offer the best standard of protection against thieves as it can be broken open. The double glazed windows can also provide a leeway for intruders.

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The shed is designed to give owners minimal maintenance headaches.

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Value for Money

At close to $4,000, this shed is definitely not cheap but the steep price may be justified by the size and versatility of the shed as well as its decorative effect on the garden. Still, there are wood sheds that cost much less and offer more storage space and functionality. Many potential owners will probably not mind foregoing the aesthetics for a less expensive shed.

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Final Verdict

Storage Garden Shed Wales

There are quite a number of advantages to owning the ‘Wales’ storage shed. Apart from ample storage space, it looks good and can serve a number of different purposes. Its price is the real sticking point.

So, is this Storage Garden Shed Wales is the best storage building? – find out by yourself:

Size 4.5
Easy to Assemble 3.5
Durability and Warranty 3.5
Security 2.5
Maintainability 3.5
Value For Money 4.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Storage Garden Shed Wales?

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Storage Garden Shed Wales

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