Lifetime 6446 Storage Shed

Homeowners looking for a long-lasting storage shed to help clear the clutter in their yard or free up some garage space can look to the Lifetime 6446. Made from high-density polyethylene, this unit will resist heavy objects as well as scrapes and knocks. Cleaning off grease and other kinds of stains is also made easy by its stain-resistant surface. Neither will the unit be affected by adverse weather; snow and rainwater will not collect on its steep roof.

Lifetime 6446 15-by-8 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed


The sheer amount of space this unit offers makes it useful for a variety of purposes. Its height means you can comfortably store long-handled tools and bikes. Its shelving system which consists of four corner shelves and two 90-inch shelves allows you to organize smaller items. You can hang clothing and other objects on the 16 inch peg strips with hooks.

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  • Shed is well protected from the weather effectively keeping water out and resisting UV rays.
  • Offers plenty of storage space and huge steel-reinforced doors for easy access.
  • Has windows on the walls to let in light and keep shed ventilated. Skylights provide additional illumination.
  • Lockable steel doors offer a good level of security.
  • Is a very low-maintenance unit.


  • Is a bit pricey for a plastic shed.

So How Good is The Lifetime 6446 Storage Shed?


This 15 by 8-foot structure offers plenty of floor space for a variety of items from your typical gardening tools to lawn mowers to bicycles and more. It offers 6 feet, 8 inches of headroom so it is easy to haul in items and move around in the shed.

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Easy to Assemble

Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions are provided with this shed and if you have a bit of help you should be able to assemble it in a few hours.

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Durability and Warranty

When a structure comes with a 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, you know it’s going to serve you for a long time. It comes with a heavy-duty floor made from polyethylene which can resist cracking, peeling and chipping. The outside is equally hardy with UV protection to keep the roof and walls from fading prematurely.

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There are two steel-reinforced doors at the front of the shed that measure 76 by 56 inches. Apart from their strength the doors can be locked and have a strong latch on the inside. You can still add to this decent security system if you wish.

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Among storage buildings this is one of the most easy and effortless to maintain. You won’t need to paint it and the floor is stain-resistant and easy to clean. UV-protection keeps the structure from fading.

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Value for Money

Although the shed is somewhat pricey for a plastic shed, there are many attributes it has over similar sheds. It will outlast many of them and serve more purposes than them.

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Final Verdict

Lifetime 6446 15-by-8 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed

This is a high quality structure that is built to last. Most previous owners are impressed with its hardiness and ease of assembly.

So, is this Lifetime 6446 Storage Shed is the best storage building? – find out by yourself:

Size 4.5
Easy to Assemble 5.0
Durability and Warranty 5.0
Security 4.5
Maintainability 5.0
Value For Money 5.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The Lifetime 6446 Storage Shed?

The best place to buy the Lifetime 6446 Storage Shed, as well as many other atorage buildings is one of these trusted online stores:

Lifetime 6446 15-by-8 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed

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