Keter Deck Box

When you are searching for a jumbo deck box you need to make sure that it is efficient and durable and adds to the overall looks of your home exterior. Keter Deck Box is one such product that can allow you to get all that features combined in one as it not just provides a better space to store more items, but it is durable and looks equally great.

Keter Deck Box


With 150 gallons of storage space, Keter Deck Box can be used to store more items at the same time without damaging the items. It can store multiple small items like patio side cushions, large cushions and other accessories. It can also be used to store gardening tools and equipment, hose pipes and gloves. It can also be used near the pool side to store items that are used often around the pool side. However, the box is too large to use in small spaces like kitchen and kid’s room to store their toys. It also has automatic opening mechanism that improves the user experience.

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  • Resin Construction
  • Stay-Dry Design
  • Weather Resistant
  • Made from Recycled and Non-Toxic Materials
  • Automatic Lid Mechanism
  • Attractive and Contemporary Design
  • 150 Gallons Storage Capacity


  • Not for Small Spaces
  • Heavy Weight
  • Higher Price Tag

So How Good is The Keter Deck Box?


If you are looking for a large size deck box Keter Deck Box fits your requirement. It offers around 150 gallons of storage capacity and it measures 61 X 28.5 X 25.3 inches. With a larger and wider space option users can store in more items and keep their home exteriors clutter-free.

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Easy to Assemble

Keter Deck Box is really simple to assemble and therefore it only requires some basic assembling tools. The manual provided along with the box makes it easier for the users to assemble the deck box and turn it instantly into a sturdy and stable box.

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Durability and Warranty

Keter Deck Box is highly durable because of its weather resistant polypropylene resin construction that ensures that the content inside the box remains dry in any weather. The Stay-Dry design ensures that the water quickly runs off the box and the box remains dry even during thunderstorms. It can also handle the hot and humid climate conditions. The materials used for the box are recyclable and non-toxic. It also has a great design that blends with modern home exteriors. It comes with 10-year limited warranty.

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Value for Money

At a price tag of more than $200, Keter Deck Box does not a great value for money deal. It certainly offers a great heavy duty plastic quality that is durable and has automatic opening mechanism and provides a huge storage capacity of 150 gallons, but the price factor is on the bit higher side.

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Final Verdict

Keter Deck Box

To conclude, Keter Deck Box offers a huge storage space of 150 gallons and is a great way to store all the items, gardening tools, grilling tools and even small toys and accessories into one single deck box that also looks great. It is an ideal storage solution for home exteriors like patio, lawn and yard area, but not recommended for smaller rooms and tight spaces.

So, is this Keter Deck Box is the best Storage Bin? – find out by yourself:

Size 4.5
Easy to Assemble 4.0
Durability and Warranty 4.5
Value For Money 3.5

Final Score

Where to Buy The Keter Deck Box?

The best place to buy the Keter Deck Box, as well as many other storage bins is one of these trusted online stores:

Keter Deck Box

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