Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit

This beautifully finished Bosmere WS1881H wooden storage unit answers to the needs of anyone who needs to keep their pool or gardening equipment organized in a clean, dry place. If you are looking for a place to store your family’s bikes and keep them safe from the weather, you should consider this storage unit from Bosmere. Getting your stuff in and out of the shed will be a cinch thanks to the huge double doors.

Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit


The space offered by this unit means it can be used to cater to numerous storage needs. You can keep tools with long handles and a number of adult bicycles and still have space for other stuff. Accessories such as hanging hooks and shelves can be added to fit other purposes without hassle.

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  • It is a spacious unit that can fit bikes, garden equipment and other bulky items.
  • Is waterproof and is constructed from pressure-treated timber to guarantee long life.
  • The honey brown finish and grainy wooden texture is easy on the eye.
  • Designed to be easily assembled by two people using readily available DIY tools.
  • Is a high quality shed constructed in the UK by a reputable firm.


  • Is not too sturdy.
  • The wood on the shed may need treating from time to time.

So How Good is The Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit?


With dimensions of 32.5 by 71.8 by 64.6 inches, this shed offers you plenty of space to store everything from bikes to outdoor toys to lawn mowers. While it offers you plenty of storage room, the unit itself does not consume a lot of space and won’t be visible above most fences.

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Easy to Assemble

Clear, comprehensive instructions are provided with the unit and assembling the unit should take no more than a few hours for two people. All you need are ordinary DIY tools. Those not into DIY might find assembly a bit of a hassle.

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Durability and Warranty

The shed is pretreated to prevent decaying and has a mineral felt roof to ensure it does not let in water on rainy days. However, the structure is generally not very firm and the boards are vulnerable to warping and breakage.

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There are locks provided with the double doors of this wood shed. However, you will probably want to add some more security hardware. New owners will probably worry about the solidity of this shed.

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The Bosmere WS1881H comes pressure treated and should be able to resist the elements for years. However, the wood might need to be treated again, in some cases within just 6 months, to keep decay at bay.

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Value for Money

This unit offers numerous advantages to the homeowner besides plenty of storage space. It also does well in the aesthetics department. However, there are less fragile storage sheds that cost less.

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Final Verdict

Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit

Despite the valid positives this shed offers, prospective owners may be out off by its relative flimsiness.

So, is this Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit is the best wood shed? – find out by yourself:

Size 5.0
Easy to Assemble 3.5
Durability and Warranty 3.5
Security 3.5
Maintainability 3.0
Value For Money 3.5

Final Score

Where to Buy The Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit?

The best place to buy the Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit, as well as many other wood sheds is one of these trusted online stores:

Bosmere WS1881H Wooden Storage Unit

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