8x8x8 ShelterLogic Shed

This 8x8x8 ShelterLogic Shed is a plus to any yard it is added to not just because of the plentiful space it offers for a variety of storage needs, but because of the space it saves with its compact design. It is offers a dry haven for your garden appliances, lawn mower, golf cart and more, keeping the clutter away from your yard and making your garage tidier. The ShelterLogic 8x8x8 Peak Style is designed to last with a sturdy steel frame powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

ShelterLogic Shed


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  • Constructed on a sturdy 1-3/8” steel frame and held with stabilizers, this shed won’t be easily destroyed by adverse weather.
  • Offers 64 square feet of ground space and 8 feet of height to cater to all storage needs.
  • High quality structure made by a reputable manufacturer able to effectively keep out the weather.
  • Is built for easy installation.
  • White interior makes for a well-lit shed.


  • If you want the tent to serve you longer you will need to invest in a deeper anchor system.

So How Good is The 8x8x8 ShelterLogic Shed?


With a capacity of 512 cubic feet, this storage shed gives its owner the room they need to store everything from garden supplies to generators to tractor lawn mowers. Its height allows you to walk in and store items easily. But the peak style shed is also unobtrusive in the yard.

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Easy to Assemble

This shed is deliberately designed for easy installation. Features like he rugged ratchet tite tensioning system makes it easy for you to assemble this unit even with little technical background.

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Durability and Warranty

Just like it is made for quick and easy installation the ShelterLogic 8x8x8 is made to last. For starters it is held up by a steel frame finished with a DuPont powder coat to keep it from peeling, chipping or rusting. Both on the inside and outside of the canopy it is UV-treated and anti-aging qualities add to the longevity of this shed.

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Security is provided for in this shed in the form of a sturdy frame that holds up extremely well even in heavy snow. The opening flap at the front is secured by zip and nothing more.

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The incredible capacity of this shed to resist adverse weather means it costs little to nothing in the way of maintenance. It is a heavy duty structure that will not bother its owner.

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Value for Money

For its price, the ShelterLogic 8x8x8 Peak Style Shed is an incredible bargain. It offers storage space in abundance and it is a structure designed to withstand harsh conditions. The build quality and variety of uses you get for just slightly over $200 makes this shed excellent value.

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Final Verdict

ShelterLogic Shed

Looking at all the attributes of this shed, it offers real bang for your buck. Space enough for a couple of motorcycles and more, great stability, ample protection from aging, water and the sun’s UV-rays for $200 is a bargain.

So, is this 8x8x8 ShelterLogic Shed is the best storage tent? – find out by yourself:

Size 5.0
Easy to Assemble 5.0
Durability and Warranty 5.0
Security 4.0
Maintainability 4.5
Value For Money 5.0

Final Score

Where to Buy The 8x8x8 ShelterLogic Shed?

The best place to buy the 8x8x8 ShelterLogic Shed, as well as many other storage tents is one of these trusted online stores:

ShelterLogic Shed

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