Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed

This Lifetime 6402 sturdy storage unit is made from high-density polythene and built to keep your wares sheltered for many years. Its ample floor space and height ensure that you can clear up all the tools from your yard and even park away your lawn mower, bicycles and ATV comfortably. Two plastic windows are fitted into the walls to offer illumination and there are vents above the door to ensure good ventilation. This is a high quality product that is very low maintenance. It is also hardy, built to withstand adverse weather.

Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed


The versatility of this shed comes partly from the sheer amount of space it offers. The ample floor space means you can put away bikes, gardening equipment and much more stuff. A sturdy floor means that you can place weighty items such as generators and lawn mowers without fearing damage. Five shelves are provided to keep smaller items organized and within easy reach.

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  • Avails plenty of space to cater for a diversity of storage needs and leave plenty of headroom.
  • Is a highly durable storage unit built from high-density resin.
  • Is a very low maintenance unit that resists damage and staining very well.
  • Comes with shelves to make it easier for you to keep items organized.


  • Though build quality is top-notch, it can’t match the aesthetics of a wood shed.
  • You have to invest in a solid, well-built base for the shelter.

So How Good is The Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed?


All owners of this shed agree that it offers enough space to cater to most storage needs. The interior measures 144 by 90 inches in terms of length and width and this is plenty of floor space. Height-wise the shed measures just over six feet which leaves you with decent headroom.

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Easy to Assemble

The instructions provided for assembly are very clear and assembly is fairly straightforward. You can complete the process mostly on your own although you might need help when fitting the roof trusses.

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Durability and Warranty

The Lifetime 8-Feet x 12.5-Feet Storage Shed is built with longevity in mind and this is why it is constructed from high-density plastic. It is also why the manufacturers offer a 10-year limited warranty.

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The sturdy steel-reinforced plastic walls of this shed present a stiff challenge to pests or anyone with destructive designs. Its large, strong double doors can be locked for better protection.

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This shed is one of the most low-maintenance in the market. You will not need to paint it and the stain-resistant floor makes cleaning the shed child’s play. No need to think about rust or decay.

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Value for Money

For its price, this storage unit is extremely good value. Not only do you get plenty of space, you get a durable structure that you won’t need to spend another dime on for years.

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Final Verdict

Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed

Most of the Lifetime 8-Feet x 12.5-Feet Storage Shed’s buyers are satisfied with its functionality and host of positive attributes. There are many more expensive sheds that do less.

So, is this Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed is the best storage building? – find out by yourself:

Size 4.5
Easy to Assemble 4.0
Durability and Warranty 4.5
Security 4.0
Maintainability 5.0
Value For Money 4.5

Final Score

Where to Buy The Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed?

The best place to buy the Lifetime 6402 Storage Shed, as well as many other atorage buildings is one of these trusted online stores:

Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed

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