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Are you out of room in your house to store tools and appliances? Decrease clatter in your house and economize the space in your house, create space by storing items in a more efficient way. Make use of space available outdoor to store items that can’t fit in the house store by choosing from our range of storage solutions.

Our sheds, tents and buildings are designed to keep items safe from damage, the adverse effects of the sun and rainwater as well as stains of different kinds. They will help prolong the life of your gardening equipment, tools and supplies. With your equipment and recreational machines stored in an orderly way you can also be able to retrieve them easily. Not to mention that they will be much safer from theft.

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Types of Outdoor Storage Solutions Available To You

Storage sheds – These are sheds designed to ease your storage needs by providing you with a place to store your appliances outside the house. We have many different sizes of storage sheds to suit your needs. So now you can have a clean, dry space to keep your garden tools when you are done and not have to worry about them being destroyed by the elements or accumulating dirt. And it’s not only your garden implements that can benefit from these sheds, you can use your storage shed to keep other tools.

Wood sheds – Our wood sheds are a great way to keep your yard looking nice and tidy instead of being strewn with rakes, shovels and other gardening equipment. Locked in this kind of wooden storage they will be safe from the destructive effects of sun, rain and snow. The spacious interior of the wood sheds we offer allow you to store many items and keep them from damaging one another. They offer you an excellent alternative to clattering up your car garage.

Storage Tents – While many think of tents as a temporary storage solution, our storage tents are designed to offer protection to your garden tools, swimming pool accessories and other equipment throughout the year. Regardless of the season, you can rely on these tents to keep your items safe from rain water, dust and extreme wind. Each of our storage tents comes with a hardy steel frame and a hardened finish to keep your property safe from damage. Even if you’re not a camping enthusiast you will find these tents easy to set up. You will be surprised at just how much these tents can accommodate, and how nicely they’ll blend into your yard.

Storage Buildings – We are proud to offer our customers different designs of storage buildings that will help you de-clutter your garage and store your garden appliances and other items in a place that is almost an extension of your home. Our storage buildings will provide you with enough room to park your driven lawn mower or buggy and still leave you space to pack your shovels, hose pipes and other gardening tools. Solid walls and an equally sturdy floor ensure that your items stay safe from the elements and serve you for years to come.

Storage Bins – Outdoor storage bins are great to provide safe storage for your trash outdoors. These lockable units will keep the water out of your trash bags and also keep them from being dragged across your yard.

Storage Accessories – Besides giving you an array of storage solutions we also supply the storage accessories you need to make the most of your storage sheds, tents and buildings. Among these items are shelves, complete with their brackets and braces, and ready to be mounted on the walls of your shed. We also provide boards for you to separate and organize your stuff. If you want to store your ATVs, gardening equipment, sport equipment or golf cart in the shed we provide you with steel ramps to ease them in. these are just a few of the shed accessories you can get from us.

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